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Julio Romero de Torres Museum

This museum was opened in 1931, only a year after the painter’s death, at the site of his former home. Situated in the popular Plaza del Potro, opposite the inn which bears the same name, this museum shares facade and courtyard with the Museum of Fine Arts (former Caridad Hospital). Through the work of Julio Romero de Torres, we get a fascinating insight into the characters who marked the local intellectual, social and cultural life at the turn of the 20th century.

This small museum is divided into 6 rooms, giving us the chance to see his early modernist-influenced works as well as the realistic works of his final stage, heavily inspired in his native Cordoba.

Downstairs, his early work features posters for the Cordoba Fair or posters specially designed for companies such as Rio Tinto Explosives, with their beautiful folk-inspired colours. On the top floor, the bulk of his work is displayed. One small room is dedicated to portraits. The rest of the rooms display his mature work, where the figure of the Spanish woman is the protagonist. His best known works exude mysticism, religion and passion, including “La chiquita piconera” (The little coal girl), “Viva el pelo” (Long live hair), “La balada” (The ballad). Another common theme running through his work is his love of Flamenco, captured in pictures like “Alegrias” (Happiness) or “Cante Hondo” (Gypsy song).

Length of visit:

Approx. 45 min




Varies depending on the number of participants - please contact us to find out.


Maximum 25 people. If the group is very large, we divide the groups into two for separate visits.

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