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Mosque and Alcazar (Fortress)

The starting point for this visit can be either monument, depending on schedules and number of people. The visit to the Mosque-Cathedral is mainly an indoor visit, while the visit to the Alcazar (Fortress) of the Christian Monarchs consists mainly of the tour of the grounds and gardens.

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is one of those select groups of monuments which have no parallel anywhere else in the world. You may have visitied countless cathedrals and perhaps a few mosques, but it is hard to find anywhere else with a mosque and cathedral combined in one like in Cordoba. We invite you to get to know this incredible building - we will tell you all so much about this emblematic site, we will make it feel as if it almost belongs to you.

The Fortress of the Christian Monarchs was given its name to differentiate it from the former Caliphate fortress located on the same site, of which no traces remain. Curiously, although the building dates from the Christian era, it is still known by the name “Alcazar” (Arabic for “fortress”) in Spanish. The fortress was built in the 14th century, and stands out not only for its medieval architecture, but also for the remains from older historical periods, such as the stunning collection of Roman mosaics in the halls.

However, what makes most tourists consider this to be one of the most charming historic sites in the city is the walk through the gardens, where the placid, still water of the ponds contrasts with the babbling water gushing down the irrigation channels to water the flower beds. The gardens are a riot of lilies, petunias, myrtle, orange and lemon trees and innumerable flowering plants, while our expert guides are there to tell you all about the fascinating history of the building.

Length of visit: 

Approximately 2 hours.


Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.


Varies depending on the number of participants.

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