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Tapas tour

If anything characterizes Spanish culture, it is the love of food. Everyone knows that Spanish people spend a large part of their free time enjoying good food in the company of family or friends. We make these moments into a kind of ritual, which has become a social phenomenon. Of all the ways there are of sitting down to eat, the one which perhaps is most characteristic of Spain is known as “tapas”.

While you enjoy some of our city’s culinary specialties, we will fill you in on the possible origin of tapas and how the word “tapear” (to eat tapas) has become part of our everyday speech. Between bites, we will take the opportunity to try the best local wines and between taverns, we will visit some of the best known sites of Cordoba by night.

Let us accompany you for a couple of hours and discover that other side of the culture which is so characteristic of Spain. So, swing open the doors and let's step into the taverns!

Length of visit:

Approximately 2 hours.



Number of participants:

Maximum 20 people.


Varies depending on the number of participants.

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